Review: Elephone P6, the right choice for lovers of Big Size displays!

The Elephone P6 is just the latest of many 6.3-inch Chinese phablets to be launched on the market. Interesting spec choices, smart pricing and attention to detail (in some cases) make it an amazing device though!
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When we heard about Elephone for the first time, we did not know what to expect! We have seen hundreds of Chinese micro-enterprises appear and disappear from the market, a highly competitive market that is difficult to penetrate even for national companies.
Elephone boasts only one smartphone (a second, however, is in the planning stage), we have tried and now we'll talk about it!

Elephone P6 - Review

Elephone P6 - Contents of the box

Elephone P6 arrives in a cardboard box filled with air-bubble polyethylene sheets. Inside we found the packaging with an original wood-style patchwork, very reminiscent of Samsung.

phone 1
The packaging is generic and identifies the Elephone P6 only with the words "Pad & Phone Android". On the back we find in detail some features including: dual-sim support, 6.3-inch display, 6589 Ghz Mediatek MT1,5T processor ...

phone 2
To underline the fact that the specifications described on the box do not correspond to the truth. The display for example is not a FHD AMOLED, the rear camera is not from 13 mega-pixel and the amperage of the battery is not from 3200 mAh (or from 4200 mAh as the label on the batteries says) but from 3000 mAh. It is true, however, that Elephone has been honest with us, the features let us know are the real ones of the phone ... which makes us think that perhaps the packaging sent to us is probably that of an initial prototype and it will absolutely not be the one that customers will receive at home.

phone 3
So ignoring what is printed on the package, let's take a look at the content!

Obviously we find the smartphone, two batteries, USB cable, the charger, two protective films (one already applied), Flip Cover case and instruction manual in English.

phone 4
The Elephone P6 we received is a dark blue version, with the Elephone logo on the back and Android on the Flip Cover, but it will also be available in white.

Elephone P6 - Specifications

phone 5
Some Chinese companies offer their smartphones in two versions: a "Standard" version with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory and an "Advanced" version with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. For our review we received the standard version and we must admit that it runs very well, thanks to both the MT6589T 1,5 Ghz processor and the HD 1280 × 720 display.

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Elephone P6 - Design

The 6.3 inches make it a great device but it is easy to handle. The narrow 3 mm frames keep the overall width of 87 mm contained, the length is instead of 168 mm.

phone 6
It is definitely not a device that could stand out for its thinness (also given the additional 11 mm of the Flip Cover) but already used to big size devices, I use it very easily.

The two halves of Elephone P6 are separated by a thin silver band that extends across the perimeter of the smartphone; the lateral edges are made of metal, the rest is only colored plastic.

phone 7
Turning the phone we find on the top the 3.5 mm jack for the earphones. On the bottom we find instead the plug in for microUSB.

The power button is easily accessible with the thumb (using the right hand), the volume management is instead on the left side of the device. The latter is really one of the few flaws found… using the supplied Flip Cover it is really annoying to use the button for volume management, it would have been better to place it on the right together with the power button.

phone 8
On the front we find the display and the physical Home button in the middle of the backlit menu and management capacitive buttons. Higher up we see the speaker, the 2.2 mega-pixel front camera and the light and proximity sensors.

phone 9
On the back we have instead the rear camera from 8 mega-pixel, the LED flash and a further speaker.

phone 10
Given the presence of active Flip Cover, I mounted it to see if it actually worked and I'm happy to let you know that it works! Closing the cover (through a small magnet) the Elephone P6 goes into stand-by showing time and notifications. By reopening the cover, the phone obviously "starts again".

Elephone P6 - Air Gesture

An important feature of Chinese smartphones is Air Gesture support. The Elephone P6 does not differ from this trend and allows you to scroll from screen to screen in the App Drawer, to photos in photos in the Gallery and to Pause in the MP3 player with the simple gesture of the hands.

The video below shows the Air Gesture feature in action:

YouTube player

Elephone P6 - Performance

The "modest" HD resolution of the display enhances the Mediatek MT6589T processor from 1,5 Ghz; the RAM from 1GB proves to be able to handle everything great!
Scrolling from screen to screen, surfing the web and replying to e-mails… are all very well done!
Even when running Riptide GP2 there are no significant slowdowns (when the screen is characterized by high action, some jamming is found).

We performed the various benchmark tests and once again this new Elephone P6 managed to surprise us!

phone 11  phone 12  phone 13  phone 14

The Antutu test recorded results superior to the 16000 points!

phone 15
Also the results of Quadrant showed an impressive score: 4800!

phone 16
On Nenamark, the result was 55.4fps.

phone 17
On Vellamo the scores were 1653 on HTML5 and 567 on Metal.

YouTube player

Elephone P6 - Display

phone 18
After trying an infinite series of Full-HD 1920 × 1080 devices, the last one being the Zopo Captain S, I was a little worried about the HD resolution of this 6.3 inch.

phone 19
I was positively denied, I found the display indeed pleasant. It does not present the same clear and clean images of the Zopo Captain S or any other Full-HD smartphone, but the final result is excellent!

Elephone P6 - Connectivity

As you would expect, the Elephone P6 is equipped with all the connectivity options that a smartphone can enjoy today: dual-sim, WIFI, A-GPS, GPS, Glonasse Bluetooth.

It is the first time that we receive a Chinese phone powered by SoC Mediatek with a rapid GPS system. There was no need for adjustments and even on cloudy days, the GPS connected easily and remained connected!

Elephone P6 - Camera

phone 20
In standard light conditions, the Elephone P6 sensor is impressive. It does not stand out only for the speed of switching on, shooting and saving photos, but above all for a quality of image that I would never have expected from a phone that belongs to this price range.

phone 21  phone 22  phone 23  phone 24

phone 25  phone 26  phone 27  phone 28

When the light is limited, the sensor presents notable difficulties. Low light photos are not particularly good, the LED flash is unfortunately almost useless.

phone 29  phone 30  phone 31  phone 32

- You can download the photos in original format here.

Video recording is also surprisingly good. The Elephone P6 does not disfigure compared to other devices on the market, the software then works well and does not have that annoying continuous focus.

YouTube player

Elephone P6 - Conclusions

phone 33
The Elephone P6 version sent to us by the company costs only 179.99 $ (about 133 €). For this price you will win a smartphone from 6.3 inches with great performance, interesting features, tasty features such as the Air Gesture, a Flip Cover, an excellent camera and a more than positive GPS ... without clearly mentioning everything else!

We have some afterthoughts for what are the deceptive labels printed on the packaging and on the batteries and for the volume management button ... but they are trifles that would not prevent us from recommending the phone!

phone 34
At this price, the Elephone P6 is definitely the best Chinese phablet with SoC Mediatek that you could buy to date on the market, with performances absolutely not far from those of devices that cost a lot more.

After trying the Elephone P6 and knowing what the company is working on, Elephone is definitely a brand and a company to watch out for!

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