CyanogenMod, the “Pro” and “Community” versions arrive!


The CyanogenMod team has officially announced that there will be two versions of custom ROMs released to satisfy both developers and standard users.

At the official Big Android BBQ event 2013 Hurst (Texas) CyanogenMod has officially announced that the versions of the popular cooked ROM will be 2. CyanogenMod "Community Edition"Is the name of the version that you probably have now installed in your device, designed for development and hacking.
The second one instead, which will be called "Pro Edition“, Will be the version intended for standard users and which will guarantee all the benefits of a custom ROM without the need for any hacking. Strange that the "Pro" version is not the one intended for development ...

The main differences between the 2 ROM reside in the fact that the Community will have a default enabled ROOT, will be optimized for development and will receive flexible updates while the Pro will be implemented in a security perspective, will have ROOT disabled by default and receive bi-monthly updates.
One for smanettoni and one for standard users ... which one would you install?

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