Xiaomi could offer MI3 and MI2S in the Gold version in the future

MI 3

Given the popularity and success that IPhone 5S is enjoying in China, Xiaomi is planning to launch future versions of their devices in the future.

The image of luxury and value that a smartphone can boast of gold is in fact what the market today in China requires. Fortunately, producers such as Apple and (perhaps also ..) Xiaomi have opted and opted for more sober and elegant options, like a refined "champagne" yellow.

MI 3
Xiaomi is about to launch MI3 powered with Nvidia Tegra 4 chip this month and with Snapdragon 800 in November. Xiaomi MI2S is currently on sale in China at a very affordable price, around $ 294 (€ 217).

What do you think of this possible new coloring? Is gold the right color for a device like MI3 that aims to establish itself as best-in-class?

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