Unveiled the new Allwinner A80 octa-core processor!

allwinner a80

Mediatek's MT6592 chip will not be the only octa-core chip made in China on the market. In fact, Allwinner has unveiled its SoC with 8 processors named Allwinner A80 octa.

Allwinner, a Chinese low-cost device processor company, today unveiled its octa-core chip, Allwinner A80 octa, thus modifying the monopolistic condition assumed by Mediatek in the Chinese market.
The choice of technology by the company has been oriented towards ARM big.LITTLE, similar for operation to that used by Samsung Exynos 5410.

In theory this model would be more efficient than that of the Mediatek MT6592 chip, which develops the power of all the 8 processors simultaneously, thus consuming more battery; this Allwinner A80 octa would be designed to effectively manage high performance and low power cores, combining the action only for operations that require more power.

Allwinner A80 octa should be launched by the end of the year ... Mediatek will therefore enjoy a, albeit small, temporal advantage.
The competition will come on anyway.
Our hope is that the Chinese Allwinner can support Open Source better than the direct competitors of Mediatek!

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