VIDEO: Unboxing the iOcean X7 Elite

iOcean X7 Elite

A few days ago we proposed a discount, exclusive to readers of, on the iOcean X7 Elite, offered by the official dealer for Italy and usable through the discount code gizioceanit to the following address: iOcean X7 Elite.

Today we also have the opportunity to show you a video unboxing of this wonderful terminal, thanks to who kindly sent us a sample test. In this post we will see only a video of unboxing, some screenshots of the Antutu and Quadrant tests and a collection of photos.

In the coming weeks, after having thoroughly tested the iOcean X7 Elite, we will publish a full review. Meanwhile, we are happy to note that the iOcean X7 Elite has been sent to us with already active Root permissions! Thank you, you saved us a job!

First impressions

First impressions of the iOcean X7 Elite are definitely positive. Even before the terminal was switched on, I was pleasantly impressed by its extremely low weight: just 136 grams including the battery. I would not exaggerate, but at times I almost had the impression of having nothing in hand! The same is true for the general dimensions.
The iOcean x7 Elite, in fact, although not the Chinese phone currently on the market that boasts the smaller thickness, with its measures of 141 x 69 x 8.9 mm can still be said to be very easy to use and, for many uses, even with one hand! Excellent build quality. The OGS solution (One Glass Solution) is very beautiful, making the design very elegant and the quality of the plastic with which the iOcean X7 Elite was produced is very good. The device aesthetically recalls the lines of the Oppo FIND 5, albeit with differences in the lower part and, in general, in the design. It is certainly not similar enough to call it a "clone".

Benchmark Antutu

Quadrant test

We performed a benchmark test with the Antutu and Quadrant apps for early clues on the performance of the iOcean X7 Elite. Also in this case the result is extremely positive. In fact, with its 14.740 points, the iOcean ranks among the best Chinese phones that mount the Mediatek MT6589T quad-core processor from 1.5Ghz.
The results of the test performed with Quadrant show us, instead, that the display from 5 inches FULLHD dell'iOcean X7 Elite, with 1920 x 1080 resolution, can enjoy well 480DPI and a refresh rate from 51.01 Hz. Below we report in detail

specifications of the iOcean X7 Elite:

[komper pid = 17 compareform = no]

Design of the XXOCUMX Elite

We mentioned earlier the similarity of the iOcean X7 Elite with the Oppo FIND 5. Going beyond this presumed similarity, we can say that the lines of the iOcean X7 Elite are very elegant and original and certainly different from most of the Chinese phones currently on the market. The contrast between the white of the back and the black of the glass / display is not as jarring as one might imagine. The two colors come together perfectly in the slightly squared lines of the phone. As already mentioned, the reduced thickness of the iOcean X7 Elite would seem to facilitate even one-handed use, which is certainly not bad for a phone with a 5 inch display!

Let's see some photos:


As already mentioned above, the iOcean X7 Elite is sent to buyers by already rooted, with Android 4.2.1 and Google Play pre-installed. Obviously, as already happened for the ZOPO C2 Platinum, for which we have seen how to get the ROOT permissions, update the recovery and the ROM, we will not be satisfied with the preinstalled Android Stock ROM ... trying, perhaps, a port of the MIUI V5! For now, let's be content with the unboxing video.

Video Unboxing iOcean X7 Elite

This, of course, is not a complete review of the iOcean X7 Elite, but it is only the first impressions of use and "hands-on". In the coming days we will publish a complete review and a new guide on how to install other ROMs.
In the meantime, remember that l'iOCean X7 Elite is available for purchase from Italy (with 24 months of warranty and Italian assistance) on, official iOcean dealer for Italy, with an exclusive discount for readers.

To obtain the discount, use the following code: gizioceanit at this address!
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