UMI X2 “Practical Edition” out on September 6th!

Umi X2 pratical edition

UMI is preparing to launch a device called UMI X2 Practical Edition on September 6, but what makes this smartphone more "practical" than the previous ones?

The UMI X2 has been on the market for some time now and with the imminent launch of the UMI Cross, the marketing team is obviously thinking of new customizations for their 5 inch terminal.
In reality it seems that, at least for us, UMI has at its disposal a large amount of 32GB memory chips and an infinity of 1GB RAM modules, has combined them and created a mid-range variant of X2.
Apart from the strange mix of 32GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM, the rest of the hardware compartment is the same as the official UMI X2. The price (in China) will be about 200 $ (150 €).
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