UMI Cross: rear panel and chassis hands-on, UMI X3 at the design stage!


The Chinese manufacturer UMI seems ready to launch its XMUMX inch UMI Cross phablet; even if we were not able to make a hands-on (at least for now), we could closely observe the rear panel and the frame.

Speaking with the UMI designer, "Spiderman", we discovered that this device was designed on the basis of "golden dimensions" and realized having in mind its use for gaming and web browsing.

The phablet will be available in white or blue with a square pattern; Umi has guaranteed us that it will be rigid and resistant thanks to a steel frame.

The specifications will be similar to those of iOcean Skyfall with a 6.44 inch Full-HD 1920 × 1080 display, 6589Ghz Mediatek MT1,5T quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 13 mega-pixel camera and also the possibility of choosing between Android or Aliyun OS installation.
We should be able to realize a hands-on of UMI Cross soon, the team has assured that, as soon as available, we will send a sample for a review.

UMI Cross - Photo of the frame

UMI Cross
UMI Cross

After discussing the UMI Cross, the conversation then moved to the UMI X3, and in particular the UMI team said that they intend to launch a device similar to the UMI X2 only thinner, with a battery more great and an updated ROM.
They also talked about an increase in size, although we may be looking for a new, improved, thinner and lighter version of the UMI X2 rather than a whole new smartphone.

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