The packaging of the new 5s iPhone shows a small restyling of the home button

Packaging of the iPhone 5s

One of the most iconic components of any iOS device is definitely the physical button on the Home, but the new iPhone 5S may show a redesign of the "mythical" button.

Alleged leaked photos posted by Foxconn employees on Sina Weibo show the packaging box for the upcoming iPhone 5S. At first glance, there is nothing extraordinary. The box looks like the traditional iPhone box and the image shows a device with a canonical “iPhone” shape, running iOS 7.

iPhone 5s home button restyling

But a closer look may notice a slight difference for the new iPhone 5S home button. It appears to be edged in silver, unlike previous home keys; Could this change hide any further news?

iPhone 5s home button restyling

Some have suggested that the iPhone 5s could finally say enough to the physical button by incorporating a touch fingerprint reader. This possibility would be a great plus for the safety of users, but we only hope that it is not the only great feature offered by the new iPhone!
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