A Meizu MX3 in “IPhone 5C” style!

Meizu MX3

This month's official Meizu event will surely have provoked many of you to buy the new MX3.
The announced colors probably won't satisfy all customers… so why not experiment?

The Meizu MX3 is undoubtedly an excellent smartphone, with a performing hardware, a fantastic display and a feature-rich operating system. However, this may not be enough for users who pay more attention to new trends ...

The prototype shown here, from the blue color similar to that of IPhone 5C will not be available however at the time of the official launch (which is only 2 days away ..).

What do you think of this blue? In which other colors would you like to see the Meizu MX3?
Please let us know by answering in the comments section below.

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