Poll: Which Chinese manufacturer would you like to see working with CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod is now a company! The team has received funding and will now collaborate with a hardware manufacturer who will then execute their excellent ROM. If you had to choose, which would be the Chinese company that you would like to see working with the CyanogenMod team?

CyanogenMod has reached $ 7 million in funding, and it is rumored that a hardware manufacturer is now at work (probably Oppo) and that is planning to launch a simple installation app that will allow anyone to install the most recent CM ROM version with a simple click.

We are already quite sure that Oppo will be collaborating with CyanogenMod, which seems to be looking for more partners; What Chinese manufacturer would you like to see cooperate with the developers?

Obviously there are companies that will not be remotely interested in the idea, Xiaomi or Meizu for example, but probably others that could seize the opportunity if it were presented. Vote and feel free to choose even more than an option!

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We will keep the survey open for a week. If you then had another ROM developer in mind for a possible partnership with a harware manufacturer, please let us know by writing below in the comments section!

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