Poll: what size would you prefer to see on Chinese phones? Do the devices from 6.44 inches intrigue you?

The Chinese smartphone market has begun its mad rush to release the hottest device. Insiders are convinced that consumers are looking for devices with dimensions of 6.44 inches or more, will they be right? Andi took a tour of the offices of some Chinese phone companies in shenzhen and told us about his feelings. Let's see what it says!

It is very interesting to visit the offices of the Chinese companies in Shenzen, it is better to understand the work of the team behind a smartphone. UMI is a passionate group of smartphone experts (who seem to be dependent on their own forum), in iOcean they are more confident and confident, while in Newman the group is that of a typical Chinese company.


Despite being divided by different ideas and management systems, they share the belief that international customers want bigger screens. 6.44 inches seems to be the trend, but larger displays could also be a future possibility, so the iOcean Marketing Director thinks:

People next year will use to make device calls from 7 in!

Display from 5 inches or more?


While visiting these companies, I gave them my personal views on the current situation in the Chinese market, allowing myself to suggest that such large displays are not always the best solution. Maybe they should focus on building a level 5-inch smartphone, with support and updates, before building bigger and bigger devices?

What do you think? Do you think they should continue to produce bigger and bigger smartphones? Or work on flagship devices with smaller screens and focusing their efforts on improving performance and design?

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