Skyworth and Alibaba together to achieve an Android SmartTV from 326 $ (247 €)

Cool on TV

Immediately after the presentation of Xiaomi TV and rumors about a LeTV with the name X50, Skyworth "Cool On" SmartTV arrives starting from just 326 $ (about 247 €).

Anyone who has been in China or has dealt with a Chinese family will know how important TV is in the Asian country. It seems that every citizen has one and spends most of the day sitting on the couch looking at it.

Xiaomi e LeTV, they offer both low-cost Android SmartTVs, but now they make a new competitor in the battle for the living room!

Skyworth is currently one of the most important Chinese TV companies, but the collaboration with Alibaba will allow the company to work on a SmartTV that will use the Aliyun OS operating system, marketed under the "Cool On" brand.

Initially 3 models will be available: a 2D version from 42 inches at the price of 326 $ (about € 245), 3D and 3D from 55 inches.
All three will have a full-HD 1920 × 1080 display, dual-core processor, Mali 400 GPU and 17mm thickness.

The “Cool On” brand will be launched on October 1st, the start of the Chinese Labor Day holiday week.
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