Review of the Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A with fingerprint reader and rear touch panel

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

When we talk about Korean companies that produce mobile phones and, in general, hi-tech, immediately the thought goes only to Samsung and LG, the two leading technology giants in the industry. In fact, in these discourses it is hardly even referred to the Pantech, the other Korean company that is as well known in Italy as the aforementioned Samsung and LG.

Today, thanks to, we have the opportunity to test, exclusively for Italy, the phablet TOP GAMMA of Pantech, or the Pantech VEGA A880S LTE-A, an extraordinary device with excellent specifications, worthy of the best smartphones currently on the market!

Furthermore, has informed us of the possibility, exclusive for readers of, to buy the Pantech VEGA A880S LTE-A at a discounted price and with free shipping, using the discount code here GIZPANTECH.

Pantech: a bit of history

Pantech Logo

Pantech is a manufacturer of mobile phones that has started operating in the field in the distant 1991, even if it is only 1997 the release on the market of its first device.
The following year, the 1998, was very important for the Pantech, thanks above all to the birth of the commercial partnership with Motorola, a company that, in those years, was among the leaders of the cell phone industry, in particular thanks to the now legendary series StarTAC.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review
Another important year for the growth of Pantech was the 2005, the year in which the company has crossed the Korean borders, opening up to the Japanese market and to the US market.
Today Pantech is a well-established company that sells millions of smartphones every year in South Korea, Japan and the US and has expanded its production line to devices with support for networks LTE-Advanced, as the Pantech VEGA A880S, of which we have today the pleasure of speaking in this post!


Review of the Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A with fingerprint reader and rear touch panel

Features of the Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A

Despite the Pantech Vega A880s LTE-A is a device not very common on European markets (especially because not really easy to find!) However, around him a good number of active fans and facebook pages very followed.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

Considering the already mentioned difficulty in finding it on our continent, the Pantech VEGA A880S LTE-A is seen almost like those mysterious objects of desire, almost unattainable and unreachable. In fact, all the most important national technology sites reported last month the news of its imminent launch, as in the case of HDBlog, ANDROID-ITALIA.NET, TECNONATION, TECHZILLA E Androidiani, just to name a few!

So, if you're an avid tech fan and follow one of these blogs, you've probably already heard about it Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A!

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

The Pantech Vega A880s LTE-A is one of those smartphones that you fall in love with at first sight. The bright FULLHD display gives the user a unique user experience; I would dare to say that you almost feel the sensation of being catapulted into a different dimension!

In addition to the FULLHD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, the Pantech Vega A880S is equipped with a hardware package worthy of the best smartphones currently on the market: 800Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 2,3 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, Andreno 330 GPU, singleSIM and with the possibility of expansion with microSD up to 2TB!

We see the complete specifications of the Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A

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Pantech Vega A880S LTE-ADesign

The Pantech A880s has a very original design and its lines, unlike many other smartphones, do not seem to resume those of other models of well-known brands. At first glance, the body, with its rounded edges could, in this sense, mislead, suggesting a subtle resemblance to Samsung devices.

However, a more careful analysis of the details and the "hands-on" feeling (which, unfortunately, I can not share with you, if not "in words") confirms the originality of Pantech production.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

Build solidity is another of the A880S strengths. In fact, the edge that surrounds the display, in addition to making the Pantech A880s very elegant, reinforces it incredibly, avoiding those possible and unwanted "bending effects", which are so much discussed in recent weeks.

As already mentioned in the video review that you can find further down, it seems almost superfluous to stress the quality of the materials with which the Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A is produced, where it has already been stated, and reiterated several times, that this device has not nothing to envy to the best smartphones currently on the market.
In this sense, the quality of the plastic, of the assembly, etc. it's something he's really on poco profitable to dwell further.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

We conclude the discourse on constructive quality saying only that the adherence of all the elements, including the battery cover, is perfect and there are no visible constructive imperfections.

At the front we find at the top the cameras from 2,1 mega-pixel (on the right side), the various sensors (proximity and light) and LED notification light.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

On the upper edge, on the right side, there is the 3,5 jack for the earphones.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

At the bottom of the backlit touch buttons and below, exactly in the middle of the body, the microUSB attack.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

Like most other devices, even for the Pantech Vega A880s Lte-A the control buttons are placed in the classic positions: the power button on the left (recognizable by a red sign) and the volume keys + and - on the right.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

At the back we find the Sony 13 mega-pixel camera, placed in the center at the top with the LED Flash underneath and with the opening for the speaker on the right side. In the back part it is possible to recognize, under the LED flash, also the fingerprint / touch panel reader, which will be discussed in more detail in the dedicated video.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A: Display - FULLHD from 480ppi

We have already said in previous reviews that we have become accustomed to FULLHD resolution displays. Well, the Pantech also has a FULLHD display, but, in this case, it's really something different!

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A reviewTo many (to me, personally, no) like the colors (tending to pastel and to the "unreal") of the Samsung SUPER AMOLED display, which are however equipped with an exceptional brightness.

In the introduction to this review, I stated that using the Pantech, thanks to its brilliant display, you almost feel like you are being catapulted into another dimension. That might sound over the top, and maybe it is, but what I mean is that both from a color and a brightness standpoint, the Pantech VEGA A880s display is a unique experience. Its sharpness and brightness are superior to that of the FULLHD displays that I have, until now, been lucky enough to try (including that of the Samsung Galaxy S4!).

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A: performance and benchmark 

The Pantech Vega A880S with CPU Snapdragon800 and 2GB of RAM is a real monster in terms of performance. This is confirmed by the various benchmark tests performed, in which the device has reported excellent scores, higher, even in this case, to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z!

benchmark antutu Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

The result of the Antutu test is an incredible score of 29960 points which when compared, as in the screenshot below and in the linked video, to those of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, Oppo Find 5, Meizu MX2 and Lenovo K900, represents, albeit only in numerical terms, all the superiority of the Pantech Vega A880S compared to the other terminals.

Benchmark S4, Xperia Z, Oppo FIND 5, Meizu MX2 and Lenovo k600


It's possible view here the complete video of the benchmark of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, Oppo Find 5, Meizu MX2 and Lenovo K900 of which we have shown you a final screenshot.

Benchmark Quadrant of the Pantech Vega A880s Lte-A

Also on Quadrant the score is creepy: 21.276 points!

benchmark quadrant Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

Vellamo benchmark of the Pantech Vega A880s Lte-A

The excellent performance of the Pantech A880s are also confirmed by the two Vellamo tests, HTML5 and METAL, in which, respectively, he obtained a score of 2758 and 1035!

benchmark vellamo Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

Benchmark NenaMark2 of the Pantech Vega A880s Lte-A

The result of the test NenaMark2 is from 59,9fps! To understand the thickness of the result I remind you that theiOcean X7 Elite recently tested reported in the same test a score of 34,1fps ... The Pantech A880s reaches a score almost double than the iOcean X7 Elite, which is still a great smartphone!

benchmark nenamrk2 Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

Benchmark 3D Mark of the Pantech Vega A880s Lte-A

I also tested 3D Mark to satisfy the curiosity of those most interested in the performance of the Pantech A880s in gaming. The results, even in this case, are to say the least poco surprising!

benchmark 3d mark Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

As you will surely notice from the screenshot, 3 tests performed only 2 have a score, or theIce Storm Extreme with 9417 points andIce Storm Unlimited with 10999 points.

This is due to the fact that the Ice Storm base test returned as a result a message like: "Friend, your device is too powerful! To evaluate it you must perform at least the Ice Storm Extreme test!". Really incredible!

Benchmark Epic Citadel of the Pantech Vega A880s Lte-A

Finally, we report the result of the test performed on Pantech Vega A880s with Epic Citadel, with which a score of 59,3 fps was achieved, higher, albeit of poco, also in this case al Samsung Galaxy S4 that reaches here a score of 58,3.

benchmark epic citadel Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

Unboxing and video review de lPantech Vega A880S LTE-A

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 Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A: Fingerprint reader, V-Touch and air gesture

In addition to a short video review I also made a video in which I show the use of the most interesting features of the Pantech Vega A880S, ie the fingerprint reader, with which you can protect your Pantech from improper use, the touch panel back , for use with one hand and air gesture.

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A: GPS navigation, WiFi and Bluethoot

The tests carried out on the GPS of the Pantech Vega A880s were also extremely satisfactory. The location is very precise, fast FIX and navigation is very stable.

GPS of the Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

Also excellent reception and surfing in WiFi. The Pantech A880s showed no uncertainties or loss of signal in navigation.

Wifi signal of the Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review
Excellent bluethoot reception. Tested, as in other cases, with the speakerphone of my car.

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A: Camera quality

The rear camera of the Pantech A880S is a Sony from 13 mega-pixel. I was very satisfied with the quality of the photos taken. The shots are very detailed and the colors alive and realistic.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

To view high-resolution photos, download them here!

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A photo


Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A photo

These photos were taken from 18.00 to 19.00 about a day not very sunny (as can be deduced from the clouds!).
Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A photo

Taken from a vein of romance, I decided to also dedicate a photo of the sunset;). You will notice that the colors are really very realistic.

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A photo

The LED Flash works very well, even on reflective surfaces such as glass

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A photo

A very interesting feature of the Pantech A880s Camera App is the "Easy Camera", ie the ability to take pictures with a delay of 5 or 10 seconds simply by performing a "swype" on the display, on the camera's trigger button.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

Once the key has been released after the swype, all the time will be had to be able to focus and position the frame as desired.

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A: Battery

The 3100mAh battery of the Pantech Vega A880s has a very good performance. I managed, with intense use, to arrive safely until evening.

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review

For intense use I mean:

  • 3G always active (with 2 email accounts in push, whatsapp, facebook, hangouts, skype and twitter with active notifications);
  • WiFi surfing of around 3 hours;
  • GPS navigation of 40 minutes about;
  • bluethoot always active;
  • use of the camera for the realization of the photos of this review;
  • use of the WordPress application to update

With such an intense use I managed to arrive until the evening (around 22.00) with a residual 10%! I also remind you that the box includes a second battery with microUSB charging dock!

the thing that is surprising is the extremely small size of the battery (as you can see in the picture!), despite the 3100mAh!

Pantech Vega A880S LTE-A: final considerations

Pantech Vega A880S Lte-A review


Although it may seem repetitive, in conclusion, it is important to underline what has already been repeated several times: the Pantech Vega A880s has nothing to envy to the TOP GAMMA smartphones of the most famous brands!

Indeed, as we have seen in this review, from some points of view it is considered superior to these devices. At this point it seems logical to ask a question: why the Pantech Vega A880s is not "famous" as, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Sony Xperia Z?

First of all, the Pantech Vega A880s has not yet crossed, from a commercial point of view, the thresholds of our continent, with the exception of those rare cases in which forward-looking sellers, such as the national team, they decided to include it in their offer.

Secondly, the answer to the question posed above, in my opinion, lies in our culture and, in particular, in the culture of "fashion", too deeply rooted to be abandoned by most people.
Who of you, reading the price of the Pantech Vega A880s did not think "with that money I'll buy a S4!". It is, by now, almost a conditioned reflex and it happens also to me.

But "we", lovers of Chinese telephones and Chinese technology in general, are different, perhaps not yet enough to buy the Pantech A880s, but anyway we try to distinguish ourselves from the mass, linked to these trendy mechanisms.

Closed this parenthesis, which I also took advantage of for personal reflection, I remind you that you can buy the Pantech Vega A880s here and that using the voucher GIZPANTECH it will be possible to take advantage of a discount of 30 euro, not combinable with other initiatives in progress, and of free shipping. The retailer offers warranty and after-sales service for 24 months. Only 5 vouchers are available!

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