OPPO N1, did we miss something from the teaser / trailer videos?

Oppo N1 teaser trailer

Let's take a full look at all Oppo promotional video teasers on the OPPO N1, have we missed something?

Oppo is working hard on promotion and a lot of news is leaking from inside sources. Several times they have given the opportunity to take a peek at what will be their new flagship smartphone!

In addition to the videos, other promotional images also gave us the opportunity to discover that the Oppo N1 will be equipped with a rear touch panel, which will be equipped with a 5,9-inch display and will have "removable" lenses.

Oppo n1 touchpanel

The 4 video teasers of Oppo N1, on the other hand, gave the opportunity to see a lot poco on the phone.

We've incorporated them all into one post below to give you a chance to take a closer look. Are there any hidden messages or clues on the big screen or phone camera? Or not?

Oppo N1 1 video teaser

Oppo N1 2 video teaser

Oppo N1 3 video teaser

Oppo N1 4 video teaser

Is there anything missing from these videos? What do you think of the marketing strategy used by Oppo for the Oppo N1? Let us know by replying to the comments below!
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