MIUI V5 Rom released on Mediatek devices, do you like or prefer Android Stock?


The first statements issued by Hugo Barra immediately after taking up his new position in Xiaomi immediately made the idea of ​​"what" the former googler had in mind for the Chinese company:

If I do my job well, in a few years the world will talk about Xiaomi in the same way that today we talk about Apple and Google

A clear objective, therefore, to exceed the current commercial borders of Xiaomi to other continents and nations, other than China, and why not, to other brands through its MIUI V5 OS.

Miui v5 2

We had already talked a few months ago about the possible development of one MIUI V5 ROM with dual SIM support and, in fact, in recent days we have seen a guide on how to install the MIUI V5 Rom on the iOcean X7 Elite.

The current enthusiasm for Xiaomi and, consequently, for MIUI V5 is probably what favors these continuous developments, which do not seem to want to stop!

This enthusiasm is confirmed by the news that a new version of MIUI V5 Rom porting for different Mediatek processor-based devices is being released, including some models from well-known manufacturers such as Zopo, Amoi, Zte, Lenovo, JiaYu, Thl , Neken and others.

List miui v5 rom mtk based

In the image above you can see a list of the first 37 Chinese phones on which you can install the MIUI V5 Rom, which will be added in the coming months other models.

What do you think of this possibility of installing the MIUI V5 Rom on your device? Please let us know by answering the survey below!

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The Roma are downloadable at this address and it is also possible to install them Shuame!

As usual, I recommend you to carry out these operations with caution and that, as already stated, we do not assume any responsibility for any problems encountered as a result of their execution.
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