Meizu MX2 cut the price (210 €) to compete with MI2S!

Meizu Mx2

Not even a day has passed since Xiaomi announced he wanted to cut the price of his MI2S, that Meizu started the counterattack by cutting the price of his Meizu MX2 too.

The MX2 16GB with Samsung quad-core processor is now available at a price of 277 $ (about 210 €) in white or black colors, in the China Mobile or China Unicom versions, in more than 500 shops throughout China.

Meizu also reduced the price of the 32 GB version from 460 $ to 390 $ (about 298 €) and that of the 64GB version from 605 $ to 540 $ (about 410 €).
Meizu is really thinking of tackling Xiaomi on pricing in the next 12 months, but will these price cuts be enough?
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