Update: Xiaomi MiTV 47 inches launched at just 370 euros!

Xiaomi MiTV 47 inches

It was said that Xiaomi would have surprised everyone during the Xiaomi launch event with the presentation of the new tablet and instead the surprise concerns the new Xiaomi MiTV 47 inches!
After unveiling the long-awaited Xiaomi MI3, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, went further ... introducing the magnificent Xiaomi Tv, a 47-inch smartTV with Android system, from the incredible price of 490 $ (about 370 €).

Xiaomi MiTV 47 inches

The Pekingese audience, already enthusiastic about the Mi3, was waiting for the plot twist and at that point Jun asked them what surprise they thought could follow the presentation of the smartphone; the possibilities were different: a laptop, a tablet, a console or a TV ... and TV was!

With a very modern design TV, available in different colors, a frame of only 8 mm. and with a depth at the widest part of 4,8 centimeters, the Xiaomi TV is destined to enter homes all over the world.


With the LG IPS screen with 3D and Dolby DTS technology, the specifications are those of the best TV currently on the market.

Xiaomi MiTv 47 inches

The TV will be powered by the Android OS and a Snapdragon 600 processor, so we are talking about a very powerful television model. The Adreno 320 GPU will allow the smooth display of 3D content. The Xiaomi MiTV will also have 2 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 8 GB.

Like the Xiaomi Mi3, the MiTV will be equipped with dual-frequency WiFi, 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz.

Xiaomi will sell TV accessories so that it will become a complete multimedia device and, at the same time, an entertainment device.

Xiaomi MiTV 47 inches

Thanks to the remote control and the MIUI interface specially designed for TV, the control of all contents will be simple and intuitive. Xiaomi really took care of the details for this new MiTV.

In addition to the TV, the MiTV will be equipped with a Set Top Box.

Xiaomi miTV 47 inches

But the most tempting thing is that the MiTV will only cost 370 € and will be available, like the new Xiaomi Mi3, from mid-October.

Let's see a demonstration video of the Xiaomi MiTV

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