iOcean X7 Elite: MIUI V5 installation review and tutorial

iOcean X7 Elite review

It's always nice to have the chance to test good phones, but it's even better when these phones are the TOP currently on the market!
Today, in fact, I propose a review of the iOcean X7 Elite, iOcean's flagship model with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory, sent to us by the official Italian dealer

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Now let's talk about the iOcean X7 Elite.

iOcean: a bit of history
iOcean Logo

IOcean is a Chinese company that has started operating in the hi-tech field since December 2008, entered the cell phone market this year thanks to the release of the x7 iocean, a smartphone with MTK quad processor -core MT6589 from 1.2Ghz and FullHD display.

iOcean X7 Elite: Review

Features of the iOcean X7 Elite

The iOcean X7, immediately, has managed to gain the sympathy of the Chinese mobile phone fans, at the beginning probably thanks to its design that recalls the most "famous" Oppo FIND 5.

iOcean X7 Elite review

However, it took a lot poco to the device to carve out its own space in the technological imagination, also thanks to the absence of customization of the Android ROM, which gives all fans the opportunity to have fun in modding.

The iOcean X7 Elite has a package of hardware features from high-end smartphones, including Mediatek MT6589T processor from 1,5Ghz, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, 13 mega-pixel rear camera with LED flash and 3 mega-front pixel, a 5 inch display with 1920 1080 2000 Full-HD resolution OGS (One Glass Solution) and IPS, dual SIM, OTG, 4.2mAh battery and OS XNUMX JB.

Specifications of the iOcean X7 Elite

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iOcean X7 Elite: Design

As already mentioned, the design of the iOcean X7 Elite is very often approached by the Oppo FIND 5, probably due to its "square" forms. However, it is precisely this feature, in my opinion, to make the iOcean X7 a phone much more conducive to the original than the many other devices on the market that, in most cases, insist in imitation, more or less declared , of Samsung's smartphone lines.

iOcean X7 Elite review - design

As pointed out in the video review that you can find below, the combination of black and white of the iOcean X7 Elite "falls perfectly" on the lines of the phone, almost like a tailored suit, creating the right harmony between the front and back. phone. The build quality is really great and the phone is very well assembled.

The body of the iOcean X7 Elite does not give the impression of being flexible and, therefore, unpleasant surprises should be avoided in case of involuntary sessions with the device in the back pocket of the pants (try to be careful!).
The used plastics seem to be of excellent finish and construction imperfections are absent. The same closure of the battery cover is very solid, so much so that it is almost difficult to remove it!

iOcean X7 Elite review

Everything adheres to perfection and we note that the details have been taken care of in the smallest details.

At the front we find at the top the 3 mega-pixel cameras (on the right side) and the various sensors (proximity and light), flanked by an LED notification light.

iOcean X7 Elite review

On the upper edge, on the left side, there is the 3,5 jack for the earphones.

iOcean X7 Elite review

At the bottom of the buttons, unfortunately not backlit and below, on the lower right edge, the microUSB attack.

iOcean X7 Elite review

The command buttons are placed in the classic positions. The power button on the left and the volume keys + and - on the right.

iOcean X7 Elite review

iOcean X7 Elite review

In the back we find the 13 mega-pixel camera, placed in the center at the top and next to the Flash LED (on the other side we can see the writing "FHD"). Still looking at the back, at the bottom, symmetrical to the camera, we find the opening compartment for the speaker.

iOcean X7 Elite review

iOcean X7 Elite: Display - FULLHD from 480ppi

Speaking of display, we can say that, now, all of us Chinese technology enthusiasts have a very fine taste. In fact, we almost shudder at the idea that on a phone can be mounted a display with "only" resolution HD 1280 x 720 and not FULLHD!

iOcean X7 Elite review

In line with our needs and other Chinese phones launched in recent months, the iOcean X7 Elite is also equipped with a 5 inch FULLHD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution that, with its 480ppi, offers clear images and detailed. At the "light test" the sensor responds well enough and the visibility remains good even if tested in bright situations. The brightness of the display, in general, is really very good.

iOcean X7 Elite: performance and benchmark 

The iOcean X7 Elite, having well 2GB of RAM has hardly been "stressed" in use, even with the stock ROM JB 4.2 that, in other phones that mount 1GB of RAM, showed some lag in the scrolling in the APP DRAWER. However, although present, the problem of "laggoso" scrolling can be solved by installing an alternative launcher, such as, for example, NOVA LAUNCHER.

Despite the results of the various benchmark tests can not be considered absolutely reliable indicators, they remain a useful tool to be able to compare the various terminals, using a numerical value.
From this point of view, the iOCean X7 Elite seems to respond very well, especially with the score of 14.740 points obtained with Antutu!

iOcean X7 Elite Antutu Benchmark

The results of the Vellamo benchmark, instead, are the following: HTML5 1519 and Metal 543.

iOcean X7 Elite review - Vellamo Benchmark

The benchmark result with Epic Citadel is an average of 45,2 FPS.

iOcean X7 Elite review - Epic Citadel benchmark

The Nenamark2 test gave a result of 34,1 FPS.

iOcean X7 Elite review - Nenamark 2 benchmark

Finally, to satisfy the curiosity of the most avid players, we performed a test with 3D Mark. Here are the results:

Ice Storm: 3644

iOcean X7 Elite review - 3d mark benchmark

Ice Storm Extreme: 1877

iOcean X7 Elite review - 3d mark benchmark

The most surprising thing, in addition to the excellent results, is that during the execution of these benchmarks and during the gameplay does not generate particularly heat on the back of the phone, as it happens to other smartphones in the same category.

iOcean X7 Elite: GPS Navigation, WiFi and Bluethoot

I was a little skeptical about the iOcean X7 Elite for the problems, reported by many parties, of poor GPS reception. From this point of view applause certainly goes to, because the phone was sent with the FIX GPS already made (as well as with root permissions already active) and, therefore, in this sense, I have only encountered the initial problems of alignment of the GPS! In fact, after the first fixes, the hook was always very fast.

However, for those who still find such problems I will publish a short guide in the next few days to do the FIX GPS on the iOcean X7 Elite.
Ultimately, despite the general operation, it certainly can not be said that GPS is one of the strong points of this terminal.

Excellent, however, immediately receiving and browsing in WiFi. In fact, the iOcean X7 Elite does not show "dancer" WiFi problems with loss of connection during use.
Also the bluethoot reception is excellent. Tested, with positive result, with the speakerphone of my car.

iOcean X7 Elite: Camera quality

Most of the current Chinese phones that mount the Mediatek MT6589T processor offer rear cameras from 13 mega-pixel, while the front ones oscillate between 2, 3 or, in the best hardware configurations, 5 mega-pixels.

iOcean X7 Elite review - cameras

The iOcean X7 Elite offers the top, 13 mega-pixel, for the rear camera, while with its 3 mega-pixel, it places "in the middle" as regards the front camera. 3 mega-pixels are, however, more than enough to make video calls with Skype!

With the 13 mega-pixels of the rear camera of the iOcean X7 Elite you can create clear and detailed photos in good light conditions. The photos that follow, in fact, were taken during the day, but on a cloudy day.

It is possible to download the photos in real size made with the iOCean X7 Elite here.

iOcean x7 Elite review - photos

iOcean X7Elite review - photos

iOcean X7Elite review - photos

Just average, however, the photos taken indoors and, therefore, in conditions of light is not optimal.

iOcean X7Elite review - photos

Video recording, up to 1080p, is perfectly in line with other smartphones of the same category.

iOcean X7 Elite: Battery

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the iOcean X7 Elite battery.

I asked myself: "Will a phone with a 5-inch FULLHD display and a battery of only 2000mAh make it to the end of the day?". Well, the results of my tests were to say the least poco satisfactory! In fact, despite the battery's only 2000mAh, we can say that the iOcean has brilliantly passed “the test of time”!

iOcean X7Elite review - battery

In fact, despite intense use, with both the active sims, 3g always active and a few hours of surfing in wifi and occasionally a bit 'of gaming, I managed to arrive with about an 20% residual at dinner time.

iOcean X7 Elite: final considerations

Overall I was positively impressed by the iOcean X7 Elite. Below I summarize the "pros" and "cons" of this terminal:

1. Exceptional display thanks to the 5 inch FULLHD display;
2. TOP performance thanks to the MT6589T quad-core processor from 1.5Ghz and the 2GB of RAM;
3. content storage and "worry-free" app installation thanks to 32GB internal memory;
4. ease of use of the terminal, thanks above all to the weight of only 136 grams
5. very performing battery, despite the "only" 2000 mAh

1. Non-optimal photos in low light situations;
2. Slow GPS (even if it works).

Below you will find 2 video: a short video in which I speak of the material and constructive quality of the iOcean X7 Elite and a video guide on how to install the Rom Porting of the Miui V5 on iOCean X7 Elite!
I remind you that I take no responsibility for any problems caused by the operations described in the videos. I recommend that you first make a backup of your data / app / etc.

Review of the iOcean X7 Elite

MIUI V5 Rom installation on iOcean X7 Elite

Photo iOcean X7 Elite with MIUI V5

For the guide on how to install the recovery (using, however, the one linked below) and how to start it, refer to this post.

File to download:



MIUI V5 keyboard:

Direct download link MIUI V5 keyboard:

Install Google APP on MIUI V5 ROM

In the video above I recommended you to flash the GApp from recovery, inviting you to download a file. Unfortunately, in testing them after the video, I noticed crash problems. Therefore, I invite you to follow the instructions below to install the Google Apps using another method:

Create a Xiaomi account (by clicking on the "Market" icon). Once inside the Market, look for "Google". You will find an App created by Eric Xiang with which you can download the Google Apps directly from the terminal. [Source]

I remind you that has reserved to all GizChina readers an exclusive 5% discount on iOcean X7 Elite (with free cover), with shipping from Italy and 24 months of Italian warranty and assistance! Taking advantage of the discount is very simple: that's enough proceed with the purchase from this page entering, before payment, the discount code gizioceanit.
Now let's talk about the iOcean X7 Elite.
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