Here are the new Xiaomi earphones: Piston Earphones!


Xiaomi has expanded its product range with the launch of its "Piston" earphones. Below we publish the impressions of Andi di on these CNC alloy earphones.

I love listening to music and I think that my different musical tastes give me sufficient knowledge to evaluate the first earphones produced by Xiaomi. My ears will not be as refined as those of an audiophile, so I will not give you a detailed review, but only a couple of personal impressions on these cheap CNC headsets.

This is present in the box

Xiaomi used the 1moredesign service to create the box and, I think, the look of Piston headphones from WeSC.

PistonThe box consists of a removable transparent lid and a plastic back part. Inside we find three additional pairs of rubber parts; one of these was designed by Xiaomi specifically for use as a headset, while the other two (three considering the pair already mounted) are for listening to music.

When you open the box, the earphones are located around a specially designed rubber cord wrap. The reel is available in different colors and has its own set of instructions so that you can remove and rewind the wires unsafe.


Piston earphones are made of high quality materials and should stand out among the alternatives in the same price range.

The CNC alloy blocks are large but light and comfortable to wear.

The gold-plated alloy attachment for the jack conveys enough grip to insert the earphones into the harder 3.5mm jacks. Actually the work could be a bit abrasive, so pay attention while you take them out.

As for the alloy, Xiaomi has opted for a quality material also for the cable using Kevlar for the protection of the wires. This allows the cable to be much more flexible and independent of movements but at the same time also stronger and more resistant.

The cable then contains an alloy part with three buttons, two of which are for volume control and the rest, on the affixed side, for different functions. By pressing this last button while listening to music, the player will skip to the next track while a long press on the Home screen will activate the Google Now voice search (if you have installed it of course ...) allowing you to use voice commands through the integrated microphone.


Piston earphones are truly excellent, the sound quality is fantastic and they also offer very intense bass. The music that I chose during the test was Drum'n'Bass and House Music and the headphones have largely satisfied me.

There is no dispersion of the sound from the rubber tips and external sounds cannot damage the listening so be careful if you are walking in very busy streets.

I would have liked to have seen a headset with remote control and integrated clip as the Kevlar cable tends to move much more than the plastic, although this is no guarantee of failure.


Like all Xiaomi products, these earphones have also been designed with the desire to create objects with superior performance to the competition, offering great materials and quality at a lower cost than that required by competitors.

Piston earphones are available directly from the store Xiaomi (in China) at the price of 16 $ (about 12 €).
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