GooPhone i5c, unboxing the iPhone 5c clone

GooPhone i5c

We had already talked and shown you a short hands-on video of the GooPhone i5c, the Chinese clone of the iPhone 5c, "economic" version of the Apple device.

The GooPhone i5c from an aesthetic point of view seems to be perfectly identical to the iPhone, but just take a look at the specifications to realize the huge hardware differences.

GooPhone i5C
The GooPhone i5C is indeed equipped with a 4 inch display with 854 x 480 resolution, Mediatek MT6572 28nm dual-core processor from 1,3Ghz, 512mb of RAM, 4GB of internal memory, 5 mega-pixel rear camera, Android 4.2.

Specifications, therefore, lower than the original iPhone, but still very respectable considering the very low price of the i5c GooPhone, between the 99 and the 119 dollars (in practice, under the Euro 100!)

Today we show you a video of unboxing of this device, made by the talented Mayandjay:

Video: unboxing of the i5c GooPhone

Mayandjay himself made two more videos on how to get root permissions and replace the microSD card on the i5c GooPhone.

Video: root on the i5c GooPhone

Video: replace the microSD on the i5c GooPhone

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