Fake IPhone causes problems during the flight!

Fake IPhone Clone

The air department of the Chinese state police was called upon arrival of a flight to Guiyang, after a fake passenger's Iphone interfered with the landing and the flight guidance systems.

Anyone who has ever flown on a charter plane in China will know that most passengers do not strictly comply with safety regulations.
Passengers often walk to reach the booth during take-off or landing and as soon as the plane's wheels touch the ground, the phones are already switched on and calls have already been made, despite the numerous warnings that prohibit it.
Normally passengers consider these rules useless but on a recent flight from Guangzhou to Guiyang the problem proved to be serious enough to call the police on landing.

The captain warned his passengers to turn off their cell phones after noticing that his equipment was not working properly.
The culprit was immediately discovered when a woman answered a call and refused to turn it off; the crew then checked the phone and found out that it was a fake iPhone with a faulty screen that made it impossible to shut it down.

Fortunately the plane managed to land safely, but the police could present the bill to the owner of the smartphone who would then face serious accusations.

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