Exclusive: JiaYu S1 hands-on video

Jiayu s1 hands-on video

Andi's trip to Shenzhen continues to reserve some nice surprises! Hands-on video with the JiaYu S1!

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It took hours to get out of there, but the trip to the Shenzhen JiaYu factory proved fruitful, mainly because we got to touch the JiaYu S1!

JiaYu S1 hands-on

The JiaYu S1 is a big step forward for JiaYu. It is their first mobile phone that will offer a display from 5 inches FULLHD 1080 and their first model with quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU!

Jiayu s1 hands-on video

Jiayu s1 hands-on video

In the photos you can see the pre-production sample in Andi's hands.

Jiayu s1 hands-on video

The 5-inch display is attached to a stainless steel frame which gives the S1 incredible rigidity. No reasonable amount of force will be able to flex this phone, so you don't have to worry about leaving it in your back pocket while sitting down.

The JiaYu has produced the S1 taking care of the smallest details, also from the point of view of the characteristics. We find in fact a Sharp display, both Sony cameras, a 600 quad-core Snapdragon CPU from 1.7Ghz, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of memory, NFC and wireless charging.

Jiayu s1 hands-on video

Some of you may be disappointed that the JiaYu S1 will only support one SIM and that the 2300mAh battery is not replaceable, but this should not discourage the purchase of the phone!

JIAYU S1 hands-on video

JiaYu informs us that the S1 will be ready for launch in October. Pre-sales, therefore, will begin during the festive period in China and the first phones will arrive to customers as early as next month. You got it right ... right next month, October 2013! icon smile Videos: Exclusive hands on with the JiaYu S1!
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