The presumed Oppo N1 chassis was spotted on Weibo!


Oppo is now close to the announcement of the Oppo N1 and we already know some important details on the device, but we never disdain an indiscretion, a photo ... the one we received is also very interesting.

According to the post on Weibo, the photo you see is that related to the metal frame of the N1 to which you will hook the display from 5.9 inches, the NFC device and the touch panel back. The N1 will also be equipped with external LEN lenses with NFC system similar to those of Sony, we still expect a rear-level camera for the Oppo device.

Oppo N1 is a very interesting device but even the most avid O-fans (as they like to be called) have not been thrilled with the choice of such a large display. The partial results of the our survey last week shows that many people are not interested in an Opo N1 from 5.9 inches and would have preferred a smaller device.

We thank Eduardo for the news!

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