Android 4.3 "approaches" the Oppo FIND 5

Android 4.3 on Oppo FIND5

The developers of the Oppo FIND 5 managed to make a port of Android 4.3 for the device!

FIND 5 users are very lucky: they have a great phone, a company that is happy to "welcome" developers and a team of third-party developers who continue to bring updates and roms to the phone.

The latest third-party update is just what makes porting Android 4.3 on the Oppo FIND 5. However, some early tests of this release indicate some problems with WiFi and the battery, which, however, will probably be resolved quickly!

For all the details and the links to download the test ROM refer to the official page of the Forum of the 3d on the Oppo Forum here .

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