VIDEO: Zopo's next steps illustrated by CEO Kevin XU


In a conference held yesterday in China, Kevin XU, CEO of ZOPO, illustrated the company's next strategies, highlighting the next steps to follow to continue on the road to success.

As stated by Kevin XU, Zopo is considered a company Follower of Samsung. The CEO, in fact, underlining that even Nokia and Asus are beginning to use FullHD screens from 6 inches, said that Zopo must "only follow the Samsung Galaxy series". According to XU, Zopo's competitiveness is not in question. In fact, according to the CEO, their expertise can lead the company to be one of the first to use the new 8-core processors.

We report the video of the conference and, below, the full text of Kevin XU's speech.

 Video "Next step of Zopo"

Nokia is also beginning to use 6-inch FHD screen. Asus in Taiwan also use the same 6-inch screen as zp990, but Zopo is the first one who comes out. Later we will release the 2nd generation of Zopo C2 and 990, the method we define these products is simple, we just follow the Samsung Galaxy series. We are here tell the 2ng generation of zopo c2 and zopo 990 will definitely stay ahead on market. If the 8 cores cpu comes out, Zopo will definitely be the first one to apply it and we are full of confidence we can do it. We wish the competitiveness of our producrs can bring enough profits and competitiveness in market to our clients. That's why I entioned self-improvement, if zopo is not superior enough, it will be meaningless to bring you all here. That's why I invente you here after 1 year of business later, since we must make our product perfect enough first. This industry is full of temptations. Someone may tell you you sell their “good” product, thery are very cheap indeed, but why and how to keep stay on zopo? Here I want to stay the 3rd point, zopo is a team that understand the meaning of gratitude. If you stay with us, all of us will share the success together, zopo will not enjoy the success alone. That's all, I guess, thank you. By the way, not all products are as expensive as c2 and 990. We will also make some cheaper products. I think it is time for that now. The experience of our product is enough now. So we are going to make some more cost-effective products. You can rest assured that the experience of the new products will enough for use. Not like some other cheap crap. Do you want to make a "low-end" product? There will be no bottom-line. All factories can make cheap ones, but that won't be your choice. What we do is to keep the experience enough for use. Make another choice for a different group of users. There will definitely new stuff more than zopo c2 and zopo zp990. We are planning for that in the following days. Thank you.

Kevin XU, Zopo CEO.

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