Review: Ceros Revolution, an alternative to the iPad and Galaxy Note 10.1!

Ceros Revolution

The tablet market is going through a difficult time, devices that all resemble each other and increasingly stronger attacks from emerging markets. The phablets are not the best tool to work, what we really need would be a tablet from 9.7 inches like the Ceros Revolution Eduardo di reviews here for us.

Like most of you, in the past I've dealt with an IPad or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and I know the performance of a quality tablet; the question is, will the Ceros revolution be up to it? Yes it is!

Let's start from unboxing to show what the package includes and then continue on detailed specifications. Also, before starting we would like to strongly thank Chinavasion for sending us this device for the test.

Unboxing and Hands-on video (In English)

Specifications of Ceros
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With a 9.7 inch display, a QXGA 2048 × 1536 resolution (currently the same IPS IPad display) and 264 PPI, the Ceros Revolution view is excellent. The screen is very bright and produces high quality images, better than simli tablets that we have already tested. The format is in 4: 3 and therefore excellent for reading, but also lends itself well for gaming and web browsing.

Truly of quality! The display has a very high touch sensitivity that will allow you to type, navigate and use your favorite apps without problems. A multi-touch 10 makes it great even for aggressive games at Fruit Ninja.


To be honest, I've never used the tablet camera much, I only used it on my Nexus 7 after opening it but never again. In any case, the Ceros Revolution has a mega-pixel 5 camera that can record video to 720p (an example below). The front camera is a VGA, discreet for video calls but not for anything else.

720p Video Example

Examples Photo

                  IMG_20130914_070858-150x150     IMG_20130915_235203-150x150     IMG_20130915_235250-150x150


The Ceros Revolution features a Rockchip processor. The model is the RK3188, a quad-core with 1,6 Ghz clock, more than enough to support the system and most of the app and the games you will normally use. Speaking of the games then, the GPU is a Mali 400 to which are added 2GB of RAM that help the CPU to run everything very smoothly. For this price, the hardware package is really performing.

Benchmark Antutu

Quadrant Standard Test

Mark 3D

Navigation and Gaming


Android JB 4.2.2 comes as standard on Ceros Revolution. You will also find pre-installed the Play store app that will allow you to download all the most common apps from your Google account.

Ceros Revolution has rounded and pleasant edges, comfortable to hold in your hand and an 4 format: 3 which makes the device quite pleasant.

The back has a modern design and an alloy body over which the Ceros logo is engraved.

On the front we find the camera, sufficient for a video call, well positioned that does not interfere with the management of the device during a video call.

On the back we find the other camera, a sensor from 5 mega-pixel that records video up to 720p.

Under the rear camera we have the expansion slots and management controls, starting from the bottom we see: microphone, 3.5mm jack, charger connection, microUSB, HDMI, microSD, Reset, Back button and Power button. I did not find the volume management button but the function keys of choice are used without any problems.

Micro USB, HDMI and micro SD are covered by a small door to keep dust and debris out.

In general, the tablet has an excellent design. I found it simple and extremely comfortable to use throughout the review.


I was very happy with my Nexus 7, but after using the large high resolution display of the Ceros Revolution I was strongly impressed. The experience is totally fun and the big panel allows you to work on projects that I would never even try with a tablet smaller! I even wrote part of the review on Ceros!

I've been using the tablet since I received it and I have to admit I'm thrilled, I'd highly recommend it! It may be less comfortable to carry with you than an 7 inch, but its use in the home or office is worth its size and resolution. Chinavasion currently has this tablet for sale at the price of 239,99 $ (about 180 €), a great price for a great tablet!

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