Poll: Will you buy the Oppo N1 or is it too big?


In his infinite wisdom, Oppo has leaked enough details so that his fans can decide whether to buy it or not. So, knowing the characteristics, would you buy it or is it too big to do for you?

Oppo has opted for a marketing approach to its N1, different from all other companies.
Rather than letting the sites post rumors and speculate about the new smartphone, they actively promoted some features and contacted sites posting incorrect information.
All this is fine ... maybe they provided "too much information"?

What we know that Oppo N1 will have:

- 5.9 inch display
- External optics similar to the Sony QX range
- Touch rear panel
- Oppo color ROM

What could the Oppo N1 have:

- Possibility to choose between Android ROM or Oppo Color ROM
- 1920 × 1080 Full-HD display resolution
- Expansion via SDcard
What we know that Oppo N1 will not have:
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor

Knowing all this, would you buy the Oppo N1? or would you move to some other device?
Let us know through this small survey.

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