Tracking shot on the Oppo N1!

Oppo N1 rendering

A few days after the official launch of the Oppo N1, we thought it was time to summarize everything that has been said up to now, with a rundown on the rumors, leaks of information and details leaked on the terminal!

Oppo has approached the launch of the N1 very differently than other companies. their strategy was based on a mixture of "I can not see", with news released always at the right time and dosed so as not to spoil the final surprise!

What we know about the Oppo N1

Exclusive: This is the first real photo of the Oppo N1!

What we do know for sure is that the Oppo N1 will have a rear touch panel, a 5,9-inch display, support for detachable rear camera lenses, will feature Color ROM, NFC, and will be built with a metal frame. .. The rest is still a mystery, but let's see some other useful information.

Oppo N1: rumors and leaks


Oppo did not give us all the details, but there were many leaks, spy photos and renderings.

Oppo N1: launch

Launch Oppo n1

Oppo will officially launch the N1 in Beijing next Monday (23 September). Stay tuned to not miss all the news before, during and after the launch!
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