First hands-one video of the Newman K2, 5.5 inches FULLHD quad-core

Newman k2

Newman will launch its new K2 phablet very soon but today we already have the opportunity to touch the device for a test!

The k2 has a large 5.5-inch OGS display and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. A phablet, therefore, of "medium" size, which is the size expected for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Newman K2

We see the specifications of the two versions of the Newman K2:

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First hands-one video of the Newman K2 Basic

First impressions on the Newman K2

As already pointed out in other cases, this is not a complete review, but only the first impressions on the device. The complete review will be published next week. But let's see the first contact with the Newman K2 that impressions produces.

Newman K2

Well, the display doesn't disappoint, truly exceptional despite being 0,5 inches larger than the one used by the N003. The overall size has also increased a lot poco.

Newman K2

We test both the Neo N003 and the Newman, which are two basic versions of the phones that share the same hardware specifications, such as, for example, the Mediatek M6589T quad-core processor from 1.5Ghz and 1 GB of RAM. On Antutu Newman scores a slightly lower score than the Neo (probably because of the larger screen) and has a particular lag problem in the home (we will test a different launcher to see if the problem depends on that).

Newman k2 vs Neo N003

At first use, the K2 screen does not prove as responsive and sensitive as that of the N003 and the 12.6 mega-pixel rear camera does not seem to offer the same level of sharpness as the 13 mega-pixel one that the Neo is equipped with. In the full review we will give you more details about it.




Newman k2 vs Neo N003


For now it's all. The full review will be published next week. Thanks to Anybuying for sending the Newman k2 on trial to the editor of GizChina!
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