CyanogenMod Installer, CM firmware with a simple app!

CyanogenMod is one of the most famous ROM developer team in the world. A reality that has become a full-fledged business!

CyanogenMod has in fact become a company, Cyanogen Inc with its creator, Steve Kondik.

After this thunderous start, the news about the now Seattle-based company has not stopped since partnership with Oppo to the mysterious movie about CyanogenMod Nemesis.

Another news has been released and ready to increase the clamor on the new US company: CyanogenMod Installer, a simple application that will allow us to have the stock signed CM on our smartphone.

The CyanogenMod team is on the cutting edge; many of the latest news regarding the mobile sector in recent weeks has talked about them. After the official announcement of the collaboration with the Chinese company Oppo, which will give birth to the first CM smartphones on the market, the focus is still remaining focused on the new American company.
CyanogenMod is in fact ready to release on the Play-store "CyanogenMod Installer", an application that will allow Android users to have CM firmware without complicated steps and without wasting time, to the benefit of newcomers to customized ROMs.

The company has not yet communicated neither the official release date nor the compatible devices.
The video below shows a Nexus 7 that thanks to the app can easily get the firmware of CyanogenMod, which makes us assume that at least the devices of the Nexus series will be supported.


The traditional CM installation is an operation that takes at least a half hour to a competent user.
The work carried out by the CyanogenMod in this sense is undoubtedly aimed at expanding its presence (even among the least practical) to the maximum, providing user experiences at the highest levels.

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