A Chinese courier is testing UAV drones to deliver parcels!

Drone Corriere

Today, China presents a landscape dotted with tall skyscrapers and we imagine that for an express courier, this could be a nightmare. However, a company may have responded to this problem through the use of UAV drones.

SF express courier (the best in China) is currently testing UAVs for delivering small or medium-sized packages. The basic idea is that it will save time by reaching the customer's window via radio-control and avoiding climbing stairs or waiting for the lift.

drone for deliveries
The SF is currently testing a redefined version of the most classic of drones, powered by 8 rotors that provide enough force to lift a slightly heavier pack.
Test flights have shown that the drone is easily able to deliver goods but at the same time creates noise, health and safety problems (being able to reach a 15th floor to deliver packages ..) and other obvious problems about unmanned drones that they are already flying around cities, and they will all have to be addressed.
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