5 ° and last video teaser: Oppo N1 towards CyanogenMod?

The "saga" of video teaser of Oppo seems to have come to an end. Yesterday the Chinese phone manufacturer released the latest video for the launch of its Oppo N1.

A promotional campaign that, to be honest, began to be a bit 'boring and sometimes almost irritating; the latter post, however, has reversed the trend!

In the last teaser released by Oppo there is a big surprise. After the official news of CyanogenMod's metamorphosis, from a modder team to a real company, its "management" had made it known that it was working with a hardware manufacturer to create an ad hoc Android stock. Steve Kondik, the head of Cyanogen Inc. (that's the name of the company), however, hadn't communicated who the new partner was, let's say, hardware ...
The rumors began to chase immediately!

Until a few hours ago all the experts would have bet on HTC ... This video, on the other hand, makes us think that it will most likely be the Beijing company Oppo to collaborate with Cyanogen. In the video (below) the protagonist is Steve Kondik, who says:

Hi, I'm Steve from CyanogenMod. I look forward to attending the Oppo event in Beijing. There will be very exciting news ...

Oppo Video Teaser

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Certainly it is not the proof that Oppo will be able to realize the imaginary Cyanogen device with CyanogenMod. Who knows, probably CM will only produce a custom ROM for Oppo.
In any case, very little is missing to see the N1 unveiled and above all to find out what Kondik alludes to saying "There will be very interesting news ...".
We will keep you informed as always!
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