VIDEO: Oppo N1 in a new video trailer!

Oppo n1

The Oppo fans are no longer in the skin and waiting for the release of the new Oppo N1 seems almost to become unnerving! To "aggravate" this situation we put the same Oppo, causing, with video trailer "I see-not-see", fans spread around the world!

However, the Video trailer appeared today on the Web gives Oppo fans the opportunity to "peek" on the real shapes of the Oppo N1!

The fourth video teaser of the Oppo N1, in fact, gives us a very cinematic idea of ​​the design processes of this device by 5,9 inches. Definitely something exciting for fans, like them leaked images that we have posted here  today and the rendering that we showed you at the beginning of the month!

Watch the 4 ° Video Trailer of Oppo N1

In addition to the video, we republish the images of the rendering, with another promotional image of Oppo, in which we can see the shapes of the Oppo N1!

Oppo n1

Do not the rendering shapes look similar to those of the mysterious phone of the left image?

We will keep you updated!
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