ZTE U988S is the first Tegra 4 processor phone!


ZTE has sent samples for reviews of some ZTE U988S units that they claim to be the first TEGRA 4 processor-powered phone in the world.

L ZTE followed the Xiaomi line with the U988S keeping the price relatively low (320 dollars, about 240 euros), so you can compete in the battle with the most famous Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.


In fact, with a low price and a powerful 1.9Ghz processor on board the ZTE U988S starts with the right foot. Indeed, the U988S is on a par with the hardware of the other two phones mentioned, but they have prices almost equal to double. The specifications of the ZTE U988S, in fact, reveal a display from 5 inches FULLHD, 2GB of RAM, rear camera from 13 mega-pixel, Dolby audio and OS Android 4.2.1

It is likely that the ZTE will release the product on the market very soon.