Xiaomi MI3, Meizu MX3 and Oppo N1! The TOP GAMMA battle will start in September: here are the details!

Xiaomi Meizu M3 Oppo N1

September will be a very exciting month for Chinese telephony enthusiasts and for Android enthusiasts in general, thanks to the launch of smartphones of the caliber of Xiaomi Mi3, Meizu MX3 and Oppo N1! Read on for all the details, rumors and photos!

Xiaomi Mi3

The Xiaomi Mi3 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated phones in China (and beyond!) This year. Xiaomi has conquered the market with its Xiaomi M1 and Mi2 and now we have high expectations for the Mi3!

Although we have seen so many alleged leaked photos of the Xiaomi Mi3, the leaks are often followed by other photos that contradict previous ones!

Xiaomi Mi 3

So there is no certainty about the features of the Xiaomi Mi3. Will it be more edgy or rounded? Will it have more innovative forms or are linked to the Xiaomi tradition? We'll find out very soon!

xiaomi mi3 spy photos

Xiaomi has always been good enough to keep the secret about her phones until the launch and we would not be surprised if everything we've seen so far is completely different from what the Xiaomi mi3 really is

Xiaomi MI3 specifications

According to various specs about the Xiaomi Mi3, the device will have a display with 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution that will measure between the 5 and 5,5 inches. For the processor there are both the Snapdragon 800 and the NVIDIA Tegra 4, both quad-core, but we believe that the Qualcomm chip is what we will see in the phone.

XIaomi mi3 benchmark


Insiders also suggest that the Mi3 will have up to 3GB of RAM, 5 mega-pixel front camera, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 3400mAh battery.

Looking at the Xiaomi Mi2A and the recent launches and updates of MIUI we could find new clues. The Mi2A, the Xiaomi mid-range, has NFC and WIFI 5Ghz support and, therefore, we believe that even the flagship phone will have these features .

New earphones and a new stereo amplifier could improve the audio compartment and complete the new Xiaomi Mi3.

Price and launch date of the Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi's latest 2 flagship phones were launched at the incredible price of 320 dollars (about 240 euros) for the base version from 16GB and with the current lowering of the Xiaomi Mi2S price we think the Mi3 will not be far from these quotes, although we would not be surprised at a slightly higher price.

Xiaomi mi3 launch date

Xiaomi will launch the Mi3 at an event to be held in Beijing on September 5 and GizChina's staff will be there to update you in real time!

We hope to see soon the Xiaomi Mi3 on sale also on the Italian store Xiaomishop.it!

Meizu MX3

Meizu has gone through a difficult period and, compared to Xiaomi, has been put aside a bit by fans. With the Meizu MX3 (which may not even be the final name of the phone) Meizu will try to shake the situation!

Meizu mx32

Rather than launching a new design, Meizu has more or less kept its classic lines, mainly trying to be more competitive on the price of the MX3, something the company has never attempted to do before! The most recent news is that at least 2 versions of the MX3 will be available: an entry-level 16GB version without NFC and a top-of-the-range model with up to 128GB of memory.

meizu mock-up

It is also said that the Meizu MX3 could cost from 320 dollars (about 240 euros) of the entry-level to 408 dollars (about 305 euros) of the version with 32GB of internal memory. With these competitive prices, Meizu will certainly give Xiaomi a hard time!

Specifications of the Meizu MX3

There is not much news about what is hidden under the elegant body of the Meizu MX3!

Probably, unlike previous models, the new Meizu MX3 will be powered by a Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 8-core chipset, the same processor with which the Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped!

Meizu Mx3 FLyme 3.0

Other hardware details include 2GB of RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, NFC (except for the 16GB version), 5.1-inch FULLHD resolution display and ROM with the new XMUMX-based Flyme 3.0 Jelly Bean.

Launch of the Meizu MX3

Meizu has already sent out the MX3 launch invitations and we can finally see their new mobile phone on September 2 at the Beijing Water Cube!

Launch date of the Meizu mx3


The MX3 will be available in China and Hong Kong, as well as in Russia. Obviously international customers can buy it from resellers who ship abroad!


We have known for months that the new generation Meizu and Xiaomi phones would be launched in early September, but the news that the new Oppo is about to be launched the same month was really a big surprise!

Few clues, but very tempting, have been leaked about the successor of the excellent Oppo FIND 5!

Oppo N1 stolen photo

The only information we have regarding the design of the phone is these alleged leaked photos, which appeared online today. The images show a phone with very slim lines.

Oppo N1 presentation


Oppo n1


The current Oppo FIND 5 is a phone with FULLHD display and some rumors claim that the Oppo N1 will be a larger model with a display from 5,5 inches, but still easy to hold and use with one hand, thanks to the narrow frames and very reduced thickness.

Oppo N1 specifications

The current TOP RANGE of Oppo, the FIND 5 is equipped with a Snapdragon 600 processor. Will the new Oppo N1 have a Snapdragon 800? We can also assume the presence of at least 2 GB of RAM (probably 3GB) and NFC support, which lately seems to come out on all the phones produced in China!

Oppo n1 touchpanel

Some Teasers suggest that the Oppo N1 will have a rear touch panel, for a new and innovative user experience, easier and possible with one hand, and the hope is to see the camera equipped with the N-lens from 12 mega-pixel !

Oppo n1 nlens

Price and launch date of the Oppo N1

We know that the Oppo N1 will be launched in September, but we do not know where the event will take place and, above all, when! In the same way the price is not yet known, but it is assumed that it will be around the 490 dollars (about 366 euro), or the same price with which the Oppo FIND 5 has been launched on the market!

Oppo n1 launch


Oppo will launch the N1 first in China, but the smartphone will be available all over the world thanks to the Oppo Mart store.

And you? Which phone are you waiting for?

We can not choose between these 3 great smartphones, all very attractive and relatively affordable prices!

To you? Which of these 3 phones excites more? What is what you are waiting for? Please let us know by replying to the comments below!