Video: Qualcomm "taunts" Mediatek's 8-core processors

qualcomm vs mediatek

Imagine being a maker of smartphone processors, you were a leader in the industry until a small start-up did not conquer the dominance of the market with the highest growth rate in the world! What would you do? Well, if you were acting like Qualcomm you would have made a bad taste video and got into it!

In early 2013, Taiwanese Mediatek announced their revolutionary 8 core SoC processors; according to the parent company, the new chips would have been the first "real" Octa-core processors and would have gone to equip all high-end Chinese smartphones, placed on the market by the end of the year.
In Qualcomm, not content with Mediatek's statements, they made this video to show that their quad-core Snapdragon processors are far better performing than 8 core chips than their direct competitors.
On Qualcomm's part, this seems like a fall in style, but obviously it would be right to reflect on the message behind the video; most applications to date use only 50% of the processing power of today's quad-core chips so having octa-core chips might seem like excessive. Especially since Mediatek uses an 8-core system in tandem with non-state-of-the-art processors, when redefining and refining their quad-core chip versions would still be a highly valid solution.

Video Qualcomm Vs Mediatek saw

However, despite the considerations and the comparative video, we do not expect an emigration of Chinese companies from the powerful and above all low-cost solutions of Mediatek towards Qualcomm, at least in a short time.

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