Oppo N1: reveal the characteristics of the rear touch panel

The rear touch panel of the Oppo N1 received a lot of attention yesterday, after the leaked promotional material gave some indications on the "how" this panel could be used.

The Oppo is serious about the problem of ease of use with one hand of the N1 and, as we wrote earlier, the rear touch panel is probably the main feature to improve usability in this regard.

But what will we be able to do with the rear touch panel? Well, according to these slides we can use finger gestures to switch from one screen to another, scroll web pages, take photos. In addition to scrolling, as happens with the touch of common displays, even on the rear touch panel of Oppo it will be possible to activate operations by means of a double “tap” or even by prolonged pressure.

Oppo n1 touchpanel


More details of the controls and gestures of the Oppo rear touch panel are available below!

How does the rear touch panel work?

The N1 rear touch panel is equipped with a contact sensor that can be operated by swiping, double click, click and long press.

What can you do with the rear touch panel?

Oppo touch panel back


Using your fingertips you can scroll from left to right to view photos, change music, switch screens and more.

Oppo Touch panel back


Using your fingertips you can slide up and down to scroll through web pages, app content, scroll through contacts, read emails and adjust volume.

Oppo touch back bread



The double "tap" (or click) on the back touch panel will allow you to unlock the screen.

Oppo touch panel back


Once the screen is unlocked, the same double tap can open certain applications. The default setting is on the rear camera.

Oppo touch panel back


The single click within applications has a number of uses such as, for example, start recording, send messages, listen to music, take pictures, etc.

What is the advantage of the rear touch panel?

The thumb and forefinger work together, decreasing the fatigue of just the thumb and making the Oppo N1 easy to use with one hand, which is very important for a large phone.

We can not wait to try it! Do you think this touch panel will be useful?