Oppo launches the new International "Color Rom" for the Oppo FIND 5

Oppo Find 5

For all holders of a Oppo FIND 5, who are already enjoying the excellent performance of the original ROM, it is already the new international "Color ROM" for this wonderful smartphone!

The "Color ROM" (originally defined as Firefly) is already available for download and installation on the international version of the Oppo FIND5. The new ROM, developed with the help of "Ambassadors" of Oppo and beta tester, features a completely redesigned look and system UI!

Some of the main changes in the Color ROM for the Oppo FIND 5 concern changes to the desktop, media center, system, tools, live wallpapers, widgets, handwriting mode and much more!

Being a new ROM there are some known issues including some translation errors, bugs related to missing contacts after the update and a problem with the app uninstall function, to which the Oppo engineers are already working for the necessary corrections.



Oppo has proven itself to be an extremely forward-looking phone maker and with the help of rising fans and international support forums it is quickly becoming one of the most important companies in the industry.

The details of the changes and updates relating to this new ROM are available at the following link: Oppo forum here .