ZOPO discount code for Facebook fans of GizChina.it!

zopo italy

A few days ago we showed you photos of the new ZOPO C2 Platinum, kindly send us directly from the ZOPO ITALY, announcing that we would put online a discount code for Facebook fans of GizChina.it, usable on the official Italian store ZOPO, www.zopomobile.it!


With the voucher offered exclusively for Facebook fans of GizChina.it you will receive a discount equal to 5% on all products on sale on zopomobile.it, including the latest news (ZOPO ZP980 32GB TURBO, ZOPO C2 PLATINUM and ZOPO C3 !!!). All products are shipped directly from Italy and covered by 24 Warranty and Italian Service months!

A special thank goes to all the staff of ZOPO ITALIA!

If you have not already done so, you just have to click on "Like" in the box below, copy the voucher and start shopping on www.zopomobile.it!!!

Click on "Like" to get the discount code!

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