An 7 tablet in pink inches less than 50 euros for your sweetheart! Exclusive GizChina!

Sometimes our loved ones (and, above all, our women!) Do not share our enthusiasm for the latest 8-core processors, FULLHD displays and all other updates regarding Android terminals. How can we make our love for gadgets coexist and share with the love of our life?

Well, I think that a "technological" gift to your half could be a great way to involve it in your hobby!

pink tablet

The Chinese retailer DinoBulk has created and distributes this pink 7 tablet for your girls and, exclusively for GizChina readers, the price will be only 60,69 dollars (about 45 euro). The tablet has an Allwinner processor from 1Ghz, 512MB of RAM, front camera and micro SD card slot.

To get the pink tablet at the indicated price you need to contact Ellen Mou:

  • Skype: ellen.mou
  • Email: