CHUWI Hi10 XR discount code

CHUWI Hi10 XR with keyboard and pen included: the complete package for the smart ...

When it comes to solutions for smart working and DaD, CHUWI terminals often represent a valid choice given the quality / price ratio. And now, after the debut last October, also CHUWI Hi10 XR ...
xiaomi lei jun app

What is the app that Xiaomi CEO uses the most? You won't believe the ...

Those who have been approaching Chinese technology for years have learned over time to identify certain brand figures as a certain management standard. Then there is Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, who knows ...
huawei wearable health care

Huawei: wearable for health the key to beat Xiaomi

How much do our wearables help us today? There are users who today would not be able to do without smartwatches, smart bands, earphones and other devices that certainly improve our physical condition ...
xiaomi home dark theme

Xiaomi Home is updated: Dark Theme, new commands and improvements

For some years Xiaomi has embraced the Dark Theme and so are its apps, as for a few days with Mi Home. The developers have started releasing the update to version V6.1.601, with the ...
tiktok hacker

TikTok like Facebook: your phone number at risk

If the flaw found in Facebook wasn't enough, now it's TikTok's turn and even in this case the account data is at risk, including the phone number ....
honor v40 official wallpapers

Honor V40 (View 40): download the official wallpapers | Download

Honor V40 has arrived: after a long wait, the top of the range has been presented and from today it is possible to have its official wallpapers. One wonders when Honor View 40, its western variant, will arrive ...
lg wing camera

LG Wing's design is stunned but the camera doesn't surprise DxOMark

During the second half of 2020, LG left everyone stunned with its rotating display smartphone, a solution designed to facilitate the work of content creators and for lovers ...

Redmi Note 9: unlock bootloader, TWRP and root | Guide

Redmi Note 9 "merlin" is one of the many models in the series, but it is one of the most popular thanks to the very low price and we are sure many want to mod it: you want to unlock the bootloader, ...
oppo automotive sector

OPPO like Huawei: solutions for the automotive sector are planned

The fortune of a great technological brand is reflected in the way it can adapt to every novelty and sector. Well, after Huawei, another Chinese giant could also enter the automotive sector, that is ...
Meizu Watch flyme for watch

Meizu Watch increasingly interesting: eSIM support present

The launch of the first smartwatch of the Chinese company becomes even more tangible, this time with what could be a "confirmation" regarding the name of the wearable. The company has registered the Meizu Watch and Flyme brands ...